this cake looks fairly simple, right?
well it wasn't.

not because of the recipe or the ingredients or the taste, no. 

but 'cause my mãma has a habit of cleaning out 
and throwing important things away.

like cake-tins, spatulas or half of a mixer.

and with my head in dark cabinets
searching for lost kitchen parts

I hear my dad from the living room;

 -she also threw away my crocodile-skin cowboy-boots
that I bought in 1975.
where are they!? no one knows!


see how the cream on the cake looks grainy?
that's 'cause the cake went in and out 
the freezer atleast five times.

first time out it was perfect.
the cashew cream was like a smooth mirror. 
the surface of a calm lake, like the ultimate cheesecake.
but between dad buying a new cake-tin, 
me mixing and talking about life with the cleaning-lady, 
hannah finding her camera, blending again, 
having some coffee, loosing daylight 
wrestling with the plastic foil, 

this is what happened. 
g r a i n y.

no, this was {no} piece of cake

but I'm in the midst of daydreamers 
and mind wanderers.
that's worth much more
than any perfect key lime pie.*

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



| all words and cookery (even failed ones) by emma lemholt |
| all photography by hannah lemholt |
| * this cake tasted a m a z i n g so don't be put off, just 
make sure you have all your ducks in a row |


  1. haha, this one gave me a good laugh ;) i HATE it when somebody ruins the plan in my kitchen ;) there is a huge chaos in it, but i know where to find my stuff...

    an nevermind - the cake looks delicious anyway :) at first i thought it was meant to be that way ;)

    have a nice day!

    1. as yoba beta says;

      'the only order in the universe
      is a cycle of calm & chaos.'

      wishing you both,
      dear salma from vienna


  2. aaaahahahahahaha....sorry Emma-Sugar, I don´t want to be a stalker - but it almost feels that I would stand silently between kitchen and dining room and listening to your family and watching everybody...while I´m smiling and laughing a lot.
    And again, your father's words - I´ve laughed out loud! hahahahhaaaa....he is so funny! ;o) But - NO - are these perfect boots (they're surely!) really thrown away? ( I think you know now, I am NOT the type of an easy disposable...) And than I think about you while wrestling...one day with Noel, now with a plastic foil - you´re soooo sweeeeet....hihihi....
    THANK YOU that you gave me so much joy just before I got to go to work for a few days at a trade show...
    Have a great week Sweetie! x, t.

    1. there is no way you'd be let of just mopin' around ;)
      somebody 'd have you do something useful :D

      -& yes, the boots are long gone..
      my mãma has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility though
      ...it's a mystery

      wishing you a great week lovely T,


  3. Hej Emma
    Fick ett smile på läpparna när jag läste. Så roligt...speciellt om cowboyskorna! :-)
    För mig ser den helt perfekt ut, hade du inte sagt något så hade jag inte sett något annat och trott att det skulle vara så...ha ha...fast jag är ju ingen mästare som Du är! Den ser underbar ut, vill gärna testa!

    Önskar dig en fin helg!
    Kram Petra

    1. javisst är den vacker ändå!
      ibland får man släppa taget
      och låta saker bli som dom blir..

      & när man gör det ~ är det alltid värt det <3

      kärlek i massor till dig finaste P,

      // Emma