as far back as I can remember
my mãma made this zesty drink
for us when we had the sniffles
having a cold as a child was
just like that shake,
sweet & sour.

sleepless nights
tangled in feverish sheets 
with mãmas soft hand 
on my warm forehead

as the day broke,
 drowsy and
with eyes sensitive to the light.
I listened to the sound
of the mixer whirring. blending, 
sour citrus & sweet honey.

 did you, like me,
pretend to be sick for an extra day?


thats what my noël does,
and I let him.
I watch him, sitting in the kitchen
squinting his hazelgreen eyes at the sunrise
wrapped up in a blanket and
waiting as I whirr and blend.

we sit. side by side, both sniffling 
and as a soft pale-yellow foam
 forms at the top of our drinks
we snuggle closer.

and I remember. 
having the sniffles
is just like this shake,

sweet & sour.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



| local freerange organic eggs from family-friends |
| noël being his garçon-parisien-self, stache' an' all |
| recipe & sniffle shake |
| all words and cookery by emma lemholt |
| all images by hannah lemholt |



I am a sweet tooth, yes I admit it 

and this is why I adore making healthier alternatives
to the traditional cakes and bakes.

my latest crush is this raw version of cake pops, 
and let me raw'ish you with the health benefits these
yummy patty's hold;

oranges, as many of us know 
is jam-packed with vitamin C
but they're also stuffed with other big letters 
and unpronounceable words 
that makes the little gem super duper good for you
but let's leave it at;

an orange a day keeps the wrinkles away.

well, I also want to tell you it lowers high cholesterol.

now, ever heard of alkalizing your body?
then search no further than the lemon,
squeeze some in luke warm water, 
drink before breakfast
and you're off to a good start.
this is truly a gold nugget for your body
as it among other things, 
boosts you immune system 
and keeps bacteria at a safe distance.

continuing on the road of raw'ishing cake pop ingredients;

chia seeds are tiny little powerhouses providing nutritional value 
challenging your common fish and fish oil.
add-able to most eat-ables 
since they have little taste but adds texture and oumpf'.

the cashew is a heart friendly protein packed seed
loaded with essential minerals
and can be made into flour, milk and cream,
or in other words
gives you endless possibilities to make goodies. 

the turmeric, overflowing with antioxidants and said to be
the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory
you can get your hands on.

it's safe to say this yellow powder

does a lot more than coloring your curry,

and is sprinkled like gold dust

around my kitchen every chance I get.

so for you lovelies, who like me, 
plead guilty to the ol' sweet tooth,

let me tell you 
takes the biscuit 
and all with healthy ingredients.

life truly is sweet.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



| all words and cookery by emma lemholt |
| all photography by hannah lemholt |



a few months shy of 18, I arrived in London. 
 Bond Street station to be exact.

dragging my dads old and oversized suitcase.
full of odd stickers, telling 
of far away travels. to far away countries.

you know, one of those 
in worn out leather with big buckle straps
and without wheels to help carry the load,

pushed right and left by what seemed to be a million people 
on their way to more important things.

but not me,
I was spellbound & it was love at first sight.
I felt at home. this was my town.

yes, this was where my skin got a little thicker. 
where my room mates name was susie
and there was mushrooms growing in the bathroom

this was where I learned how to hide from the guards at waterloo 
when I had no money for the train.

this was where I met a girl who taught me how to live

and this is where I still go. 
to sit by a stone with her name on it
and whisper into the english mist 
how I miss her.

but these are other stories.
to be told, 
maybe many moons from now.

because now I'm going to tell you
about a restaurant,

café rouge.

a perfect marriage, if there ever was one, 
 between english warmth & french exquisiteness.

in reality a chain but with the ambiance of the opposite.

the one in highgate was my favorite,
with an entrance easily walked by 
if it wasn't for the voice of edith piaf singing 

'non, je ne regrette rien'. 

rolling R's. 
leading us down old stone stairs with chalky' white walls 
and into a room
with chairs covered in coats of black oil-paint, 
stripped wood tables and candlelight  

there we enjoyed many a croque-monsieur, moules mariniéres and tarte au citron.

warm. exquisite.

until we discovered their 'petite bouchée'.
and after that day, we went there only for that. 
for their 'small bites'.

hot bread batons, fresh out the oven, sprinkled with seasalt.
laid in bread baskets, perfectly swept in red and white checkered cloth.
little white ceramic bowls with dips, 
salsa, pesto and aïoli.

& here I am. recreating, 
the tastes and the memories.

in dads kitchen.
with the help of mãma and her bread.

the dining room is filled with laughter and conversation.
the clinking of wine glasses 

and as I take my small bites,
I hear her. far away. 
but I hear her.

"avec mes souvenirs,
j'ai allumé le feu.
non, rien de rien, 
non, je ne regrette rien."*

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



*"with my memories, 
I lit the fire.
no, nothing of nothing,
no, I regret nothing." 
| song by edith piaf |
| with lyrics by charles dumont & michel vaucaire |
all photography by hannah lemholt for soulfood.  



the only way I can describe
to you
how I feel about potatoes
is to remind you how 
bubba blue feels about shrimp.  

it's safe to say I love them.


but here. today. 

I will beat my drum for the lovely sweet potato. 

even though white potatoes have nutritional value of their own, 
the sweet version has so many more health benefits.

loaded with vitamin A and fully packed with vitamin C.
stuffed with B6, starch and fiber it is excellent for your digestion 
 and soothing for the stomach and intestines. 
it has a low glycemic index and 
is highly rich in antioxidants, potassium, and iron.

I could go on. and on. 
but instead 
I leave you with this;

the sweet potato is one of the most nutrition-packed veggies around
and it has your broccoli running for the hills.

I have my own little sweet-potato helping me in the kitchen today 
as the rest of the family cheers us on from the dining room.

we prick our potatoes a few times with a fork & 
place them on a baking sheet 
to roast in the oven* 

after about 40 minutes when we can easily pierce the skin with a knife 
and the center is soft
we slice it down the middle, almost through to the bottom and open it up. 
ready to be stuffed with goodies.

This is the perfect 'clean-out-the-fridge' dinner 
as the baked sweet potato is a blank canvas
and you can fill it with all kinds of left-over delights.

any raw veggie-buddies hanging out in the fridge?
just add a blob of greek yoghurt and the spices you adore. 

or maybe

you go new orleans style, with fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, a knob of butter
and a drizzle of maple syrup.

or perhaps

you decide to patch things up with the broccoli,
steam it up and top it all off with some sour-cream.

there is no end to the possibilities
when you are dealing with, 
what the french 
so poetically calls
'the apple of the earth'.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



my bella playing 'one potato two potato' on all the images. 
photography by lovely auntie hannah lemholt
*on 200°C/400°F