my first clear memory of chocolate
was going with my mãma 
to a chocolaterie.

I don't remember the taste.

no, it was the adorable older man behind the counter 
that first caught my attention.
a dreamlike walk up to the glassed cabinets
holding what seemed to be a million different kinds 
of truffles, fudges & dragés.

behind the confections stood the chocolatier. 

umber skinned & mocha eyed. 
dressed in a white, 
almost cinematic looking, apothecary-like uniform.
wearing cotton gloves as if he was handling
the most valuable art. 

my memory tells me 
I was given three different kinds of pralines, 
but it could have been five, ten or even twenty.

so with an uncertain amount of sweet nibbles & a hot chocolate
we sat down, mãma and me, in an atmosphere of 
crisp white walls & minimalism that 
generously allowed the chocolate to shine.

but for me it was the chocolatier
that stole the show.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



| all chocolate-art, words & recipe by emma lemholt |
| all photography by hannah lemholt |
| shared here is the recipe of the cacao nibs seen in 
image no4, 'cause they are extra delish' | 
| the gold-leaf seen on the truffles in image no5 was a gift from Japan 
-where the gorgeousness & refined aesthetics of all food is as important as the taste- 
 I was also told our body's contain gold, 
now I think it wise to
follow in the Nihonjin's footsteps; 
refill that inner mine & shine shine shine. |
images supporting the chocolate is of amazing fares fares shot by johan renck
found in; the last magazine issue  #11 fall 2013 |


  1. Chocolate, here's a loving topic to be relished with untamed greed! That trio - cocoa, cranberry & walnuts - is dangerously in tune with palate perfection and equally dangerously handy to make... I love danger though ;-)

    1. ...palate perfection

      I couldn't have put it better myself, dear daydreamer.



  2. such a yummy and delicious post...and these perfect colors!...
    I really have a "thing" for colors...and chocolate ;o)
    hope your wednesday is a friedly and yummy one for you!
    Í have an evening date with my niece and the daughter (both 7) of my best friend...girls girls girls... ;o)
    x, t.

    1. so yummy T..

      hope you have a fab girls night!



  3. mmm... inte bara vackra, tror jag. Även överjordiskt goda... din syster h. o du... vilken magisk kombo...
    kram EM