let me tell you about my love affair with mr Joe;
the crush started, long before I ever had my first sip, 
with an aroma coming from the roastery of my childhood town. 
a scent of freshly ground coffee filling the air, 
filling my nostrils & filling my soul. 
settling there, safely waiting.

until I was sixteen and smitten.
an infatuation that never since ceased to exist,
at times taken in different shapes and forms.
sometimes changing with the season and the mood.
but always faithfully there.

and today
I am head over heels with my java on the rocks.  

and we ask ourselves;
~is this really healthy?
well my dear, like all love stories;
~ it's complicated.

it has it's magic benefits;
boosting our energy with caffeine,
filling us up with healthy antioxidants, manganese, 
magnesium, potassium, niacin, vitamin B2 and B5. 

and as for the complicated bits...
lets leave that aside. for now.
because today I want to think of love this way,

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'


| all words, coffee making & recipe by emma lemholt |
| all photography by hannah lemholt |


  1. you´re soooo sweet ;o) and the coffee looks so inviting and yummy! I´ve started with my early morning matcha-latte, as usual...ah, by the way...Mr. Yogi told me today, the only weapon we have is kindness..... ;o) Today I´m happy for no reason...isn't this one of the most beautiful states of consciousness?! big hug for you! t.

  2. thank you darlin' T,

    it's hard to compete with a perfect matcha :)
    -& even harder to defeat kindness..

    you rock!

    much Love


  3. i have never tried to make coffee this way, but it sounds delicious... to be honest, i used to be a tea-drinker for a looooong time, especially earl grey with milk *verybritish*

    when i got pregnant with my second daughter i suddenly had the URGE to drink as much coffee as i could ;-)

    since then i love it - but my favourite until now is latte macchiato... how boring, isn't it?!

    have a nice day!

    1. I think you could adore
      this recipe, beautiful Salma from vienna..

      ...creamy but still room for the coffee to linger :)
      -& the cardamon makes perfect on ice..

      hope you try it dear, & let me know what you think :)

      until then; enjoy your tea and the 'not boring at all' latte macchiato,

      much love