as far back as I can remember
my mãma made this zesty drink
for us when we had the sniffles
having a cold as a child was
just like that shake,
sweet & sour.

sleepless nights
tangled in feverish sheets 
with mãmas soft hand 
on my warm forehead

as the day broke,
 drowsy and
with eyes sensitive to the light.
I listened to the sound
of the mixer whirring. blending, 
sour citrus & sweet honey.

 did you, like me,
pretend to be sick for an extra day?


thats what my noël does,
and I let him.
I watch him, sitting in the kitchen
squinting his hazelgreen eyes at the sunrise
wrapped up in a blanket and
waiting as I whirr and blend.

we sit. side by side, both sniffling 
and as a soft pale-yellow foam
 forms at the top of our drinks
we snuggle closer.

and I remember. 
having the sniffles
is just like this shake,

sweet & sour.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



| local freerange organic eggs from family-friends |
| noël being his garçon-parisien-self, stache' an' all |
| recipe & sniffle shake |
| all words and cookery by emma lemholt |
| all images by hannah lemholt |


  1. When we were little, we were always all 3 sick at the same time (i have a younger and an older brother)
    my poor mother....this indeed must have been a hard job for her...
    but the best thing was we could always lie together in the big parents bed and listened to cassettes of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.
    Noel is such a handsome young man...isn´t it crazy how fast the grow up? When I look at my niece and 2 nephews I sometimes have little tears in my eyes, because the grow up so fast...and no, they don´t want my kisses anymore....uuuuuhhh?!?!??!?! ;oD
    Have a happy day Cutiepie - and don´t forget to catch some kisses from this cute boy ;o)

    1. oh how lovely that sounds T !
      everybody together.. snifflin' :)
      I'm sure your mãma didn't mind <3

      -& yes life passes by to quickly.
      let's make sure it's a good one.

      lots of love to you dear,


  2. Oooh, love this Emma,
    just like your recipes,
    your words sound so delicious...
    Pleasure for all senses right here.

    1. sweet becca,

      that really warms my heart <3
      thank you.

      lots of hugs


  3. Ooooh i do remember something like that :) my grandma always used to cook me hot milk with honey and sage or thyme! :) i still drink it whenever i feel a cold creeping up and it makes me feel so warm inside... plus the thoughts of my grandma give me an extra warming :)

    have a nice evening and thanks for the recipe!

    1. yes! warm milk & honey.. love that!
      never had it with sage,
      although one of my favourite herbs, {one of many, I should say}
      now I h a v e to try that :)

      thank you sweet, sweet Salma from vienna.

      ~& lots of love to you


  4. Åh, men wow! Så himla härligt inlägg.

    1. Åh tack!

      finaste Kristin Krickelin,

      kärlek i massor till dig,