the conversation between dad and me swivels 
like capers and olives in the blender.

I ask him where the funnel is while getting a flashlight
to search his kitchens many doorless and dark cabinets.
 All I can find is a headlamp

-I wouldn’t put things in this place for my worst enemy!
He says as he dives into the dusky drawers with a light on his brow.

The kitchen has been under renovation for
as long as it takes to make fine wine.
fancy kitchen appliances crowd each other in a corner and
stacked plates and bowls bring the leaning tower of Pisa to mind.
I dream of orderly, practical cooking
& say gingerly;

-I thought Mise en Place was a fancy word for m i s s p l a c i n g?!
but, turns out, it’s french and means ’putting in place’.

-well, I like the Italians better.*
Is the muffled reply from inside the kitchen cavern.

I thought the word suited dad like tomatoes and basil
until I found out what it really means
and now I’m thinking;
if the word means methodical and effective, thats me

I am ’Miss en Place’

no! I'm not a member of the russian olympic discus-throwing-team. I'm wearing 
my man's broad-shouldered suit jacket after optimisticly miss-judging the early spring temperature.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'


*A la france et son peuple si adorable, ceci est uniquement
l'opinion de mon pere Et ne reflete pas ma propre opinion
ou celle de ce blog.
je vous adore et vous etes a jamais dans mon coeur.
| all photography by hannah lemholt |



the sun is trying it's very hardest to battle 
the foggy morning skies  
and I'm trying to battle the cloud 
that seems to have settled in me.
as the misty-grey's outside wins the war. 
I get the blues.

”There are your fog people & your sun people, he said.
I said; I wasn’t sure which kind I was.
He nodded. Fog’ll do that to you.” *

after obsessing over and finally accepting 
that nothing grows in the scandinavian winter,
I decide to rummage the freezer and, praise the lord, I find blueberries.

frozen. lovely. 
little antioxidant bombs, picked in season
and stored for later days. 
these days. days of grey's and blues.
when all I do is long for spring.

for you guys
who like me needs a silver lining on that grey cloud
who love yourselves a blueberry-coconutty' taste
this is for you

and get ready for a serious blueberry ’stache.

Stay hungry Stay soulfull’ish



*little quote by Brian Andreas.
all photography by hannah lemholt. 
-& get your sticky fingers on the lovely 
mason jars and straws here.  



With my kimono sleeve dipped in almond milk and
our giggles sprinkled between kiwipeel and sticky limejuice
 we slip around on the wood floor in our woolen socks,
my honey with her camera
and me with my mason jars
filled to the brim
with heavenly smoothie.

to get your hands on these lovely jars & straws visit my honey's PALE SOUL 

snowflakes dance outside the window 
and we watch them 
as they melt on the ground 
warmed by the promise of spring

we sip on our smoothies until the paper straws dissolve 
and my honey spills the last of it.   

all photography by hannah lemholt

these are the days when spring still hesitates.
when the fireplace still warms up the studio. and wool socks are required. 
days made for kiwis & kimonos and heavenly smoothies. 

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'





Growing up it was my Dad that was the cook.
Wherever he walked my little feet followed.

More often than not, his sheepwool slippers
was in the kitchen.
so was I.

My fascination for food started there,
in the heat of boiling water
steamy temperament.

Dad's note in translation; ' to all & each, if caught, is imposed with beheading. these five
are strictly for professionals.'

While dad was cursing the soul
who put his
shun santoki knifes in the dishwasher
and in tandem
telling tales of
sword making and japanese warriors.

I was samurai Tamoe Gozen
falling in love with Wada Yoshimori,  
Black Garlic.

all photography by hannah lemholt 

All grown up 
I still 
end up standing next to dad's sheepwool slippers
in the kitchen
still learning.  
still falling in love.

This place is a collection of that love
and you're hereby invited to some of our 
dinners, desserts and drinks

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'