the only way I can describe
to you
how I feel about potatoes
is to remind you how 
bubba blue feels about shrimp.  

it's safe to say I love them.


but here. today. 

I will beat my drum for the lovely sweet potato. 

even though white potatoes have nutritional value of their own, 
the sweet version has so many more health benefits.

loaded with vitamin A and fully packed with vitamin C.
stuffed with B6, starch and fiber it is excellent for your digestion 
 and soothing for the stomach and intestines. 
it has a low glycemic index and 
is highly rich in antioxidants, potassium, and iron.

I could go on. and on. 
but instead 
I leave you with this;

the sweet potato is one of the most nutrition-packed veggies around
and it has your broccoli running for the hills.

I have my own little sweet-potato helping me in the kitchen today 
as the rest of the family cheers us on from the dining room.

we prick our potatoes a few times with a fork & 
place them on a baking sheet 
to roast in the oven* 

after about 40 minutes when we can easily pierce the skin with a knife 
and the center is soft
we slice it down the middle, almost through to the bottom and open it up. 
ready to be stuffed with goodies.

This is the perfect 'clean-out-the-fridge' dinner 
as the baked sweet potato is a blank canvas
and you can fill it with all kinds of left-over delights.

any raw veggie-buddies hanging out in the fridge?
just add a blob of greek yoghurt and the spices you adore. 

or maybe

you go new orleans style, with fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, a knob of butter
and a drizzle of maple syrup.

or perhaps

you decide to patch things up with the broccoli,
steam it up and top it all off with some sour-cream.

there is no end to the possibilities
when you are dealing with, 
what the french 
so poetically calls
'the apple of the earth'.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



my bella playing 'one potato two potato' on all the images. 
photography by lovely auntie hannah lemholt
*on 200°C/400°F


  1. Oh my goodness! Emma, you kill me today with these cute pictures! my favorite post - also because I love potatos so much ;o)
    happy day for you! x, t.

    1. she's lovely, isn't she!

      and although dietists around the world would like to burn me
      on the stake and send me to hell.
      I will stand my ground and keep lovin' my potatoes haha :P

      much love to you t.


    2. she really is!!! lucky you.
      and right so girl! I don´t care for any diet-gurus, I eat what I like! by the way, rosemary potatoes from the oven would now be just great ;oD