I am a sweet tooth, yes I admit it 

and this is why I adore making healthier alternatives
to the traditional cakes and bakes.

my latest crush is this raw version of cake pops, 
and let me raw'ish you with the health benefits these
yummy patty's hold;

oranges, as many of us know 
is jam-packed with vitamin C
but they're also stuffed with other big letters 
and unpronounceable words 
that makes the little gem super duper good for you
but let's leave it at;

an orange a day keeps the wrinkles away.

well, I also want to tell you it lowers high cholesterol.

now, ever heard of alkalizing your body?
then search no further than the lemon,
squeeze some in luke warm water, 
drink before breakfast
and you're off to a good start.
this is truly a gold nugget for your body
as it among other things, 
boosts you immune system 
and keeps bacteria at a safe distance.

continuing on the road of raw'ishing cake pop ingredients;

chia seeds are tiny little powerhouses providing nutritional value 
challenging your common fish and fish oil.
add-able to most eat-ables 
since they have little taste but adds texture and oumpf'.

the cashew is a heart friendly protein packed seed
loaded with essential minerals
and can be made into flour, milk and cream,
or in other words
gives you endless possibilities to make goodies. 

the turmeric, overflowing with antioxidants and said to be
the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory
you can get your hands on.

it's safe to say this yellow powder

does a lot more than coloring your curry,

and is sprinkled like gold dust

around my kitchen every chance I get.

so for you lovelies, who like me, 
plead guilty to the ol' sweet tooth,

let me tell you 
takes the biscuit 
and all with healthy ingredients.

life truly is sweet.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'



| all words and cookery by emma lemholt |
| all photography by hannah lemholt |


  1. oooh, you have no idea how much I love healthy food! so glad that you´ve started this blog!
    ey, I mean, you are the reason why I use Kardamom every single day now! :*
    By the way, the first picture...I have fallen in love...with THE WALL! Where is this? In your home? oh I wish I wouldn´t have plastered the walls in my house, when I renovated it 25 years ago...but when I was a young girl I had no idea that I would love those raw walls one day ;o)
    happy weekend for you!
    x, t.

    1. hi darling,

      haha you're so lovely!
      I think I have to write a whole post about cardamom <3
      -& yes that wall huh! it's hannah's : )

      ...you know you could unplaster.. : )

      lots and lots of sweet love T,


    2. oh yes please...a cardamom post, sounds great!
      currently I´m constantly thinking about changes...in my work-life, in my house...
      but I need to slow down myself, because I´m making me stress and than nothing goes right...
      (one of my life-lessons...trust and be patient...uuuurrgh...)
      so the raw walls have to wait a little bit...but one day, I think, they will come back ;o)
      happy saturday for you cutie!

  2. hello :)

    i just found your blog via your sister's... and i immediately fell in love - as geisslein wrote - THE WALL!!! it is just adorable :)

    thanks a lot for sharing your recipes and thoughts with us, i'll go and have a look at the rest of your posts!

    greetings from vienna,

    1. hello dear,

      yes that wall is wonderful!
      - it's also wonderful that you are here :)

      thank you, salma from vienna

      (a visit there is on my bucketlist)

      lots & lots of hugs,