the conversation between dad and me swivels 
like capers and olives in the blender.

I ask him where the funnel is while getting a flashlight
to search his kitchens many doorless and dark cabinets.
 All I can find is a headlamp

-I wouldn’t put things in this place for my worst enemy!
He says as he dives into the dusky drawers with a light on his brow.

The kitchen has been under renovation for
as long as it takes to make fine wine.
fancy kitchen appliances crowd each other in a corner and
stacked plates and bowls bring the leaning tower of Pisa to mind.
I dream of orderly, practical cooking
& say gingerly;

-I thought Mise en Place was a fancy word for m i s s p l a c i n g?!
but, turns out, it’s french and means ’putting in place’.

-well, I like the Italians better.*
Is the muffled reply from inside the kitchen cavern.

I thought the word suited dad like tomatoes and basil
until I found out what it really means
and now I’m thinking;
if the word means methodical and effective, thats me

I am ’Miss en Place’

no! I'm not a member of the russian olympic discus-throwing-team. I'm wearing 
my man's broad-shouldered suit jacket after optimisticly miss-judging the early spring temperature.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'


*A la france et son peuple si adorable, ceci est uniquement
l'opinion de mon pere Et ne reflete pas ma propre opinion
ou celle de ce blog.
je vous adore et vous etes a jamais dans mon coeur.
| all photography by hannah lemholt |


  1. hihi, your fathers words made me laughing out loud....I think I´m in between the italien and the french... :D
    but I notice now in this moment, that it is difficult for me to describe myself really well. but since my house still looks as if a tornado raged I notice that I crave for order and structure. Have a lovely day...filled with a lot of hugs and kisses ;o)
    x, tanja

  2. oh my lovely tanja,

    he is funny like that, my dad haha :)

    I hope you get some mise en place at home very soon dear,

    lots and lots of love