Growing up it was my Dad that was the cook.
Wherever he walked my little feet followed.

More often than not, his sheepwool slippers
was in the kitchen.
so was I.

My fascination for food started there,
in the heat of boiling water
steamy temperament.

Dad's note in translation; ' to all & each, if caught, is imposed with beheading. these five
are strictly for professionals.'

While dad was cursing the soul
who put his
shun santoki knifes in the dishwasher
and in tandem
telling tales of
sword making and japanese warriors.

I was samurai Tamoe Gozen
falling in love with Wada Yoshimori,  
Black Garlic.

all photography by hannah lemholt 

All grown up 
I still 
end up standing next to dad's sheepwool slippers
in the kitchen
still learning.  
still falling in love.

This place is a collection of that love
and you're hereby invited to some of our 
dinners, desserts and drinks

Stay hungry  Stay soulfullish'




  1. Åh, vackert & själfullt ~ hit kommer jag snart igen!


  2. Hej Emma,

    vilken otroligt vacker blogg...helt underbar.
    Underbara bilder av Hannah...ett perfekt samarbete av er två underbara människor.
    Det ska bli så kul att följa dig här...jag ser redan fram emot nästa inlägg.

    Kärlek till dig,
    /P (lovestoriesbyp.blogspot.se)

    1. så oerhört tacksam att du tittar in här, bästa P.

      massor av kärlek till Dig


  3. Hey, nice to meet you Emma! And welcome to blogland! Such a beautiful beautiful first post - I´m thrilled and will be a happy follower ;o)
    Looking forward to beautiful posts about one of my favorite things...food... ;oD...by the way, in my childhood the (master-)cook was my mother...it was her hobby and I´ve never in my life eaten more delicious food than what my mother cooked. she died when she was 40 years...and unfortunatelly I´ve missed to learn from her while she was alive, because I always wanted to be outside in the nature. One of the few things I regret in my life...I´m happy for you that you spend so much beautiful time with your dad in the kitchen :o) Have a happy start here in blogland - I´m in love with blogs for a few years, don´t want to miss this.
    x, Tanja

    1. schatzie Geisslein,

      thank you lovely! I love blogland! ..although it took me a few days to figure out how to reply to comments:))
      -& so saddened to hear your mother passed at such a young age..

      but I had a feeling you love food too. the best people do ;)

      much love


  4. Emma! Så vackert, fyllt av själ och hjärta. Passion och kärlek! Jag följer dig här och är för alltid glad att vi mött er. Hoppas vi får tillfälle att mötas framöver. So long we see each other in cyberspace. With love Ulrika

    1. Ulrika.. fina du,

      så glad att du tittar in här hos mig :)
      skulle vara underbart att komma till Er och hälsa på!

      massor kärlek


  5. Magiskt & vackert!
    Här har du en trogen följare ... & vilken lycka för oss som får följa ...

    heja heja

    1. haha :)

      finaste sara. lyckan är min att du är här

      kramar i överflöd


  6. Just clicked over from honeypie...
    This is going to be one beautiful journey!

    1. darling becca,

      you beautiful soul, thank you for being here!

      much love


  7. Da lå du i blogglisten min og jeg gleder meg til å følge bloggen din videre. Den er rett og slett vakker ♥ Ønsker deg en fin helg med dine kjære.

    Klem fra Therese