into the wilderness we go,
mãma and me.

dad stays in the car with a frown'ish smile . 
mumbling something about coming home 
with a bag filled with lily's of the valley
on last years ramsons hunt.

we walk,
somewhere in-between modern flats 
seemingly shooting up from the ground like weeds   

old beautiful doctors villas,
where the white pillars stand strong, every brick has a history
and from the big, round and majestic windows
I believe I'm hearing debussy playing the piano.

past the house where TB-patients 
would sit just a few decades ago on american-style porches. 
maybe with blankets laid over their legs, getting fresh air into failing lungs.

and through thickets. twigs graze my bare ankles as 
the old St.Maria institution towers behind me in the distance, 

we walk free on the grounds where sedated wild souls
used to walk like ghosts. in circles.

and here.
right next to a diner
where we spent a year tearing down walls,
washing mossy green-house windows
and I, in wonder watched a dear friend hand-paint poetry 
around the room while baking my pies and being somewhat in pieces.
where I too on days walked like a ghost 
circling between a beautiful glass house filled with dinner guests
and a situation filled with growing pains, 

outside there.
where the grove opens up.
between sun rays
and wild souls,

there is a field of wild garlic.

whilst my dad might or might not see the difference between lily-leaves and ramsons he makes a mean wild pesto.

Stay hungry  Stay soulfulish'



| words, soul searching & recipe by emma lemholt |

| all photography by hannah lemholt |
| image n°1 ramsons on vintage market tray from  Love Warriors |
| supporting my words is debussy's claro de luna |


  1. Debussy and wild garlic: who would have thought these two would walk so well hand in hand?

  2. Oh my... it seems, Dads are so alike all around the world ;) We have huge wild garlic fields in our area (i made tons of pesto too, this spring...) and EVERY year my dad gives me a lesson in how dangerous it is to mix up wild garlic and lily of the valley :P

    Here the season is already over, but we're looking forward to elderberry flowers right now :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. haha dads are the best!

      & yeah can't wait for those lovely elderflowers:)

      lovely weekend to you too Salma &
      lots of love


  3. haha sweetie ..yeah who knew :)

    lots of love